woensdag 24 maart 2010

First Battle

The first battle of TGF...

We wanted to start as soon as possible...

This is the assignment for this week:

We have to make a retro-esque card using the color scheme of the picture.

We made the decision that every teammember has to make this card.
We will post them here on Friday Evening. And we will choose the card that fits best to enter.

The voting will be from Sunday till Tuesday evening. Hope you will vote for us :)
For voting you need to go to the site of The Greating Farm. Click here.
Our entrie will be located in the galleria > contests/challenges > TGF ROYAL BATTLE > Week 1

We can are not allowed to vote for our own entrie... so you can do that for us!!! :D

So check back here on Friday to see our creations!!!


The Dutch Farmer Girls

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