donderdag 15 april 2010


Candy Packaging

The Challenge: Your team has decided to open up your own candy company. Create candy packaging using TGF image(s). You can do candy bars, bags of candy, packages, boxes, etc.

What teams need to do: Discuss amongst your team members who will be creating this card. Only one member will be doing this. The member will have to email their team leader their finished project. This must be a different member than the previous. Every week we want to see a new member participating so that every team members gets a chance to show off their skills!

Join us to see what we made!!!

The Dutch Farm Girls

zondag 11 april 2010

Challenge Week 3

Here is the scrapbookpage Cheryl made:

"I've chosen a lovely picture of my litte niece. She is 2 years old now, on the picture she is 6 months old (I think...). The stamp I used: "Laurie Skunk". I hope you like my scrapbookpage, it's a pitty we can't join in the challenge anymore..."

woensdag 7 april 2010

Challenge Week 3

Hi there,

We decided that we wanted to play along with the battle.
!!!Not for the prices but for fun!!!

So here is the 3rd challenge:

The Scrapbook Page

Create a scrapbook page! Don't be afraid!
Just pretend it's like making a giant card and putting photos in it.
Use as many TGF stamps as you want for your layout.
Layouts must measure 8x8 or 12x12.

We will try to make this challenge before Saterday!

The Dutch Farm Girls


We didn't make it this week.
But we're not stopping this blog.
I'm thinking about starting a sort of challenge blog here.
I will ask TGF if it is a problem.

We will think of something!
That's for sure!

Thanx again for your votes!
We loved to do this battle.

The Dutch Farm Girls

zaterdag 3 april 2010

This is our easelcard that we send in

Hi there,

This is the easelcard we send in to TGF.

We hope you will vote for us by leaving a comment in the galleria.
If you follow this link... you will get there...
Easelcard The Dutch Farm Girls


The Dutch Farm Girls

Results for Week 2

We went hard at work continued the mission this week.

These beautiful creations came out of that hard work...

This round Easelcard is made by Cheryl.

This Easelcard is made by Lianne.

This butterfly Easelcard is made by Krista

Patricia will make her card today and we will put it up here as soon as possible.

This afternoon we will decide what we will submit to The Greeting Farm team.

Are you going to vote for our pieces??
Because we want to go through to next week!


The Dutch Farm Girls

woensdag 31 maart 2010

We are through to next week!!!

Yay! We are through to next week!

We want to thank everyone who voted us for their vote ...
And of course hoping for a vote next week!

The assignment for week 2:

Create an easel card! Here is a tutorial I found on how to make an easel card:

All of us will make an easel card.
On Friday evening we will show them here!!!


The Dutch Farm Girls